Aubrey Daviner

Aubrey Daviner, a healthy young woman of 22, was expecting her first child on December 11, 2002. She had had a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy and was anticipating the imminent birth of her child with great excitement.

On December 3 she suspected her water had broken at 10 a.m. She met with her physician that night. He did a fern test to determine the presence of amniotic fluid. There was no evidence of ruptured membranes. He then did an ultrasound to assess the amount of amniotic fluid present and found a normal amount of fluid. He determined that her membranes had not, in fact, ruptured and both mother and baby appeared fine. Aubrey decided to go home.

The next afternoon Aubrey went to see her doctor. The routine prenatal assessments indicated that she and the baby were still doing well. Aubrey decided to spend the evening shopping with her sister.

While shopping, she suddenly felt dizzy and nauseous and she collapsed. Aubrey was still conscious and able to communicated with the paramedics when the local emergency squad was called to the store.

They were preparing to transport her to Doctor's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio for evaluation when suddenly she became unconscious and her heart stopped. The paramedics were unable to revive her and transported her to the closest hospital, where her baby was delivered by emergency cesarean section.

On December 10, her newborn son, Gavin Aubrey, died as well, having suffered severe oxygen deprivation. Subsequently, an autopsy was performed on Aubrey, which revealed an undiagnosed splenic artery aneurysm, which apparently ruptured due to the pressure of Aubrey's growing uterus.

Aubrey loved dragonflies and collected many things that had dragonflies on them. Her love of dragonflies inspired the design of this quilt square.