Gwyneth Vives

This block was made by Tracy Marcy.
On December 21, 2001, Gwyneth Vives, 36, gave birth to a son. Her nurses at Los Alamos Medical Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico, reported that she and her baby were ?bonding well. Three hours later Gwyneth Vives was dead. The autopsy report put the cause to exsanguination following amniotic fluid embolism.

Vives' labor was induced with Pitocin. She suffered a serious cervical laceration during delivery.

A Washington Post article published July 15, 2005, stated that Vives' physician, Pamela Johnson, had been forced out of a hospital in North Carolina and had her Virgina license suspended when questions arose about her surgical skills, before moving to New Mexico. The New Mexico Board of Medical Examiners suspended her license for lying about being fired from Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina.

Ted Vives, husband of Gwyneth, remarked, "She's going to try to fly under the radar and get another license in another state and try and jump-start her career. How many states does this woman have to have her license suspended in before somebody takes notice?" Vives has filed a lawsuit.