Krone, Carrie L.

Carrie KroneCarrie L. Krone died August 16, 2006, at Carthage Area Hospital in Watertown, New York, after a cesarean section for her fourth child. Born on January 3, 1972, in Rochester, she was 34 at the time of her death.

Her death certificate stated that she died because of abdominal hemorrhage caused by a retroperitoneal hemorrhage that occurred during her cesarean. Her family alleges that her physician was negligent in failing to properly diagnose and treat bleeding that took place during and after her surgery. They say that it was already known that Carrie suffered from a bleeding disorder.

Carrie Krone is survived by her three daughters, Kristen, Danielle, and newborn Elizabeth, and her son, Robert.

This quilt block was created by Sarah Mitchell.