Miriam Doll

Miriam McKennon Doll, age 23, wife of Matthew Doll gave birth by cesarean section to her first child, Isaac Michael Doll on August 12. 1999 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Miriam had been diagnosed with mild toxemia three weeks before her due date. She was advised to be on bed rest with which she complied. Everything went well with the cesarean sectin. The baby was healthy. The mother, father and grandparents were all very happy.

However, things immediately turned very serious for Miriam. Her blood pressure was very elevated when she was returned to her room. She was immediately returned to the delivery room, where intravenous medication was started. That evening her blood pressure dropped very low. The obstetrician advised that he would have to take her back to surgery, as he felt she was hemorrhaging. This did not prove to be the case. At that time, Miriam was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome, a very serious and rare complication of toxemia.

She was moved to the intensive care unit, where she was given many pints of whole blood and platelets, among other treatments. She was put on a respirator. Her liver and kidneys were not functioning well, so dialysis was started. After seven days, it was determined that Miriam's liver had ruptured. She was air-lifted to the University of Tennessee, U. T. Bould Hospital in Memphis, where she was put on a list for a liver transplant. Shortly after arriving there, the transplant surgeon advised he would have to take a look at Miriam's liver, so she underwent a third surgery. Later, a fourth surgery took place to drain an abscess. At that point, Miriam was off the respirator for a short time. Sixteen days following the c-section, Miriam suffered a cardiac, pulmonary arrest.

The medical team worked hard to save Miriam's life. She was on life support, but never regained consciousness and was declared brain dead. Her family made the decision to remove life support on September 3, 1999.