Susan Caldwell

Susan Caldwell, who had previously given birth by cesarean to twin girls, had bleeding problems right from the start of her next pregnancy. A complete placenta previa was diagnosed early. Her doctors in Colorado did a cerclage, and she moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she spent three months in the Maternity Special Care unit at the University Hospital.

The doctors planned to deliver her baby by cesarean as soon as amniocentesis could show that her baby's lungs were mature. These tests began at 37 weeks and continued until 40 weeks, because they kept showing immature lungs. When the cesarean was scheduled, there was a massive hemorrhage when the doctors tried to deliver the placenta. When the hemorrhage was finally under control, a hysterectomy was considered but rejected because of experienced physicians' fear that she would not survive the operation and the unavoidable blood loss associated with it. Ms. Caldwell's heart stopped beating while she was in intensive care, and despite heroic attempts to save her life, she died in the operating room. Her healthy daughter, Brianna, survives, along with two other daughters and her husband.
This block was made by Jaylon Von Mertens.