Teresa Gonzalez

Teresa Gonzalez, 39, developed insulin dependent gestational diabetes during her pregnancy. She presented to Lake Wales Medical Center emergency room in advanced labor. Her blood pressures were in the 180-200s/80s-100s. She was given several doses of antihypertensives and Demerol after delivery for a "severe headache". She was given a magnesium sufate bolus, but for some reason was not given a maintenance infusion. An ER nurse notified the charge nurse that she was coming in as a transfer and that everything was fine. There was no mention of unstable blood pressures or other problems.

When Ms. Gonzalez arrived, her blood pressure was borderline. Neither she nor her husband, a migrant worker, spoke English, and no one at the hospital spoke Spanish. Half an hour later, she began bleeding profusely, had severe vomiting, and escalating blood pressures. Her condition deteriorated rapidly. She died on April 19, 2000.