Virginia Wanjiru Njoroge

Virginia Wanjiru Njoroge, 36, died in her apartment in Olathe, Kansas, some time around the first week of November. She had given birth to twin sons on October 23, 2007. Virginia was a Kenyan immigrant, a single mother, and her babies were born by cesarean section. A neighbor noticed an unpleasant odor coming from Virginia’s apartment and remembered that she hadn’t seen her for several days, so notified police. Emergency workers found Virginia’s badly decomposed body, and, almost by chance, discovered her twins under the bed, because the boy had made a weak cry. His sister died soon after transport to the hospital. Presumably, the babies had moved themselves off of the bed and fallen between the wall and the mattress after their mother died. Home visits by visiting nurses could have saved two lives in this case. Almost every industrialized country provides this service to new mothers.

This quilt block was created by Barbara Resendes.