Natal, Athena

Athena Natal, 28, died in the Bronx, New York, of infection and postpartum hemorrhage on April 23, 2012. It was alleged that her complication stemmed from an incomplete manual removal of her placenta after giving birth on April 11.

Her daughter, Ryo Natal, survives. Ms. Natal was a graphic artist. Her husband, Dario told a reporter, “Now I look at my daughter every day and realize that she’ll never know her mother, who was so caring and loving.’

This quilt block was created by Xrisanthe Christopoulos.

Marla, Anne

Anne Marla was just 18 when she died in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania of abortion complications.

Miskey, Amy Fielding

Amy Fielding Miskey, 29, pregnant with twins, suffered from HELLP syndrome and died on January 1, 2008 in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania. Her twin daughters, born 6 weeks prematurely, survived.

This quilt block was created by Sherry Miskey, Amy Fielding Miskey’s mother.

Lanzet, Allison

Allison Lanzet’s labor with her first baby was induced with Cytotec. Her baby was born in good condition. Lanzet was discharged from the hospital. Six hours later, she had an episode of respiratory distress stemming from septic shock. She died en route to the hospital. Autopsy showed that fragments of placental membrane were left in her uterus, causing the infection that precipitated the septic shock.

Allison Lanzet is survived by her husband and daughter. She was born August 7, 1962 and gave birth on September 21, 1999. She died on September 24, 1999 in Coral Springs, Florida, at the age of 37.

This quilt block was created by Jaylon Von Mertens.