Stuteville, Angela

Angela Stuteville, of Kansas City, Kansas, was 31 at the time of her death on September 28, 2009. More than a month earlier, she had suffered early symptoms of the H1N1 virus and was put into an induced coma. Her baby, Jaxson, was born prematurely and survives her, along with her husband.

This quilt block was created by Cheryl Miller.

Thomas, Ama

Ama Thomas suffered a missed abortion at five months of gestation in 2005. This event led to the eventually fatal complications of disseminated intravascular coagulation and organ damage. She lingered in a coma for two years before dying at home in Chicago in May, 2007. Ama home-schooled her four children previous to the complications of her last pregnancy. She is survived by her children and her husband, Phillip.

This quilt block was created by Sarah Mitchell.